where flavors are born

New MATI flavors are created in North Carolina at our R&D facility. It's there that we mix, brew, cool, can, test, and ultimately perfect every new flavor of MATI before it enters mass production and can be sold nationwide.

where flavors are tested

Our philosophy and high standards with regard to flavor, health, and effective energy result in drinks that we’re proud to consume ourselves. And we couldn't be more grateful to the people of Raleigh and Durham for being the best test market in the world. We love you and have a lot of great new flavors brewing on the horizon.

where flavors are perfected

Our chief flavor scientist and her team are constantly working to create and refine new flavors at the MATI labs. Before a new flavor gets to you it goes through dozens of iterations, lab tests, and refinements to ensure that you will love it as much as we do.

Born and Brewed in North Carolina